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If you are a grantmaker or philanthropist who wants to learn more about human rights and human rights funding, IHRFG can be a tremendous resource. As part of our network, you can meet and network with grantmakers with a wide range of philanthropic interests and expertise. Our network includes funders at various levels of experience, including those who are expert as well as those who are new to human rights and human rights funding. A list of resources available to IHRFG members can be found here.


IHRFG membership is open to staff, consultants and trustees of:

  • private foundations
  • corporate foundations
  • family foundations
  • public foundations*
  • community foundations*
  • individual philanthropists with significant giving programs
  • donor-advised funds
  • collaborative funds
  • quasi-governmental funding entities
  • operating foundations
  • philanthropic consultancy, support, advisory, and hosting organizations
  • grantmaker affinity groups

For definitions of these categories, please refer to the online glossary hosted by Worldwide Initiatives for Grantmaker Support (WINGS).

Entities that are not eligible for IHRFG membership include:

  • Public charities that devote less than 50% of their budget to grantmaking
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) regranting to NGO partners as part of a joint workplan or partnership
  • Donors representing a government agency or entity
  • Individual philanthropic advisors and consultants. Advisors or consultants must be affiliated with an eligible foundation to participate in IHRFG activities

*Only public foundations whose primary activity is grantmaking and who do not relate to other IHRFG members primarily as grant-seekers are eligible for participation. Organizations with dual grantmaking and grantseeking functions must devote at least 50% of their budget to grantmaking or awards to be eligible.

*Please note: Staff of grantmaking institutions (that are also grant-seeking organizations) whose functions are solely or primarily fundraising are not eligible for participation.


IHRFG membership dues are voluntary, apply to member institutions and individual philanthropists, and are based on giving capacity. While we strongly encourage the contribution of dues, the full benefits of IHRFG membership remain open to all grantmakers, regardless of contribution.  Our dues form can be found here.


To join the International Human Rights Funders Group (IHRFG), please complete a membership application. We will review all applications for membership and may contact you for more information.  For more information, contact Camille Serrano, at cserrano[at]ihrfg[dot]org or + 1.646.381.7584.