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IHRFG's 2016 San Francisco Conference

San Francisco Conference
Wednesday-Thursday, January 20-21, 2016
When it comes to “innovation" in human rights, what's new? Is there inspiration to be found near Silicon Valley, the location of IHRFG’s next conference and technology hub of the United States? Here, social and private sector lines are blurring; start-up models are being transferred to social good; technology is being tested and used in new ways every day; and experimentation and out-of-the-box thinking are of highest value.

Or, in philanthropy, does innovation feel like the “flavor of the month”? After all, human rights is a long-term struggle, and sometimes staying the course is the best approach. Can innovation and the constant search for new approaches actually hurt human rights efforts?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines innovation as “the introduction of something new; a new idea, method, or device.” At IHRFG’s San Francisco Conference (January 20-21, 2016), we embrace the spirit of innovation – finding a way to take the field to a new level by disrupting or changing the curve on social change – and make room for creativity. We are asking funders, “What’s new?” in human rights activism and grantmaking.

The objectives of IHRFG’s SF 2016 Conference – in addition to learning and networking – are to showcase how human rights philanthropy can most effectively “up its game,” and to feature new and unconventional actors, ideas, strategies, voices, perspectives, tools, and techniques in human rights and grantmaking.

Conference Advisory Committee
We are grateful for the guidance of the following IHRFG members on our advisory committee:
  • Holly Bartling, Human Rights and Economic Justice Program Officer, General Service Foundation
  • Rajasvini Bhansali, Executive Director, IDEX
  • Maria Koulouris, Director, Human Rights Program, 11th Hour Project
  • Kate Kroeger, Executive Director, Urgent Action Fund for Women's Human Rights
  • Emily Martinez, Director, Human Rights Initiative, Open Society Foundations
  • Valeria Scorza, Responsable Nacional Para Mexico, Avina Foundation
  • Katrin Wilde, Executive Director, Channel Foundation
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