About Us

about us


The aims of the International Human Rights Funders Group are to improve the strategic effectiveness of funding for human rights; to expand the extent to which funders across a range of issue areas incorporate a human rights framework into their grantmaking; to extend linkages and collaboration among human rights funders around the globe; and, ultimately, to increase overall funding for human rights.

IHRFG values its identity as a small organization that emphasizes member participation and peer leadership. We utilize three primary programmatic strategies: education and convening, policy and research, and membership and communications.

Education and Convening

IHRFG opens up multiple opportunities for funders to explore critical human rights issues and human rights grantmaking strategies. We promote exchange and collaboration among grantmakers while providing a chance for funders to meet colleagues. IHRFG hosts conferences, intensive institutes, funder learning visits, policy briefings, and educational teleconferences and webinars. Learn more about our Education and Convening work.

Research and Policy

IHRFG helps funders access information integral to human rights grantmaking.  Our current priority is mapping the current scope and landscape of human rights funding. This project focuses on capturing how, and how much, funding goes to human rights, strengths and gaps in human rights funding and trends in the field over time. IHRFG also informs its members of opportunities for engagement with policy developments relevant to human rights grantmaking, both within the U.S. and globally. Learn more about our Policy and Research work.

Member Engagement

As a peer-led network comprising over 1400 individuals and 340 grantmaking institutions around the world, IHRFG catalyzes opportunities for its members to connect and work collaboratively. Funders share their work, challenges, and questions via Working Groups, blog posts and in-depth articles, and our funder-only newsletter. Learn more about the benefits of membership with IHRFG.