About Us

about us


What is IHRFG?
The International Human Rights Funders Group (IHRFG) is a global network of grantmakers and philanthropists committed to advancing human rights around the world through effective philanthropy. Our aims are to improve the use, reach and strategic effectiveness of existing funding for human rights; to increase overall human rights funding; to expand the extent to which funders across issue areas incorporate a human rights framework into their grantmaking; and to extend linkages among human rights funders around the globe. We are an affinity group affiliated with the Council on Foundations.

Who can join IHRFG?
IHRFG membership is open to staff, consultants and trustees of private foundations, corporate foundations, public foundations, community giving programs, women's funds, and philanthropic advocacy and support organizations, whose primary activity is grantmaking and who do not relate to other IHRFG members primarily as grantseekers. Click here for more information on eligibility.

We also heartily welcome individual philanthropists with significant giving programs.

Do I have to pay dues as a member of IHRFG?
Dues to IHRFG are voluntary. While we strongly encourage the contribution of dues, the full benefits of IHRFG membership remain open to all grantmakers, regardless of contribution.

Can my organization apply for a grant from IHRFG?
Unfortunately, IHRFG is not a grantmaking organization nor does it have the capacity to help nonprofits and NGOs strategize or research potential funders.

Please visit the resources for grantseekers page of our website for grantseeking tools for individuals and non-profits and more information you may find useful. In late 2010, IHRFG will re-launch its own on-line directory of human rights funders.

What is an Affinity Group?
IHRFG is an affinity group affiliated with the Council on Foundations. According to the Council, affinity groups provide opportunities for grantmakers with common interests to meet each other, share knowledge and encourage collaborative funding. Some affinity groups are formed around the identity of the population served, while others are formed around particular grant issue areas, or positions and functions. Find out more at: www.cof.org.